SAP R/3 Architecture

Real time 3 tier Architecture

3 Layer

Presentation Layer – Client System

Application Layer

Database Layer


Dispatcher – It is component which takes the request for client systems and stores the request in queue.

Queue – A place where request are stored temporarily.

Dialog Service – It is responsible for performing the I/O operations and also the calculation.

Enqueue Service – Used for placing the locks and releasing the locks on the object to maintain consistency of data.

Update Service – It is used for managing the statement like in INSERT UPDATE DELETE & SELECT.

BG Service – It is responsible for managing the background job, which does not require user interaction.

Special Services – Used for interacting with external devices like printer machine, fax, mail server etc.

Message Service – It is used for managing the communicator between two SAP servers or between SAP and Non-SAP server.

ABAP Workbench – It is a set of tools which contains an environment for developing the objects.

SAP Architecture

SAP Architecture

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