Internal table in ABAP: Declaration of Work area

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Internal tables provide a means of taking data from a fixed structure and storing it in working memory in ABAP. The data is stored line by line in memory, and each line has the same structure. In ABAP, internal tables fulfill the function of arrays. Since they are dynamic data objects, they save the programmer the task of dynamic memory management in his or her programs.

Internal table will usually be associated with a structure or work area. Below diagram explains both.

Internal table

Internal table

Syntax for Declaring internal table

data : begin of <internal tab> occurs <n>,
field 1,
field 2,


field K,
end of <internal tab>.

<n> ranges from 0,1,2,3………………

0-> 8KB, 1-> 16KB and so on………

The above internal table declaration is considered as internal table with header (Work Area/Structure).

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